Additional Electives

Media, Journalism & Photography Students create and manage school newsletters, the yearbook, and social media. They analyze media and journalistic writing for bias, learn to construct effective stories, and develop critical thinking skills as they interview people and write news
stories. Through the class they learn self-advocacy and become educated consumers of advertising and media. Students also learn the technical skills of photography: composition, varying perspectives, awareness of backgrounds, points of interest, and the rule of thirds. They practically apply these photographic skills to tell visually effective and artistic stories. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Visual Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal.

Drama is more than rehearsing lines for a play. Students develop focus, self-confidence, language and communication skills, cooperation, creative expression, bodily awareness, problem-solving and organization. Drama encourages students to find their distinctive voices, work together, and perform as actors, directors, and producers. Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal, Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial, Intrapersonal, Musical.

Visual Arts energize creativity while building a strong foundation in Art History, Visual Vocabulary and craft skills. Each student has the opportunity to learn, create, and engage with materials that support their individual learning styles. Projects explore manipulation of media and techniques while referencing artists and artistic movements to develop a well-rounded cultural and creative understanding and appreciation of art in a global view. Multiple Intelligences: Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.

Guitar Learning a musical instrument requires self-discipline and focus. As well as providing creative expression and self-confidence, music strengthens academic skills. Multiple Intelligences: Musical, Logical, Mathematical.