Academic Philosophy

All students have the capacity to learn. Children with language-based learning differences can reach their academic potential through proper instruction within a positive and supportive environment. We guide our very capable students to build and master skills by emphasizing their individual strengths while remediating areas that need improvement.

The Chandler School curriculum meets all South Carolina Independent School Association advanced accreditation criteria with a course list that includes literature and language, math, science, social studies, drama, art, keyboarding and physical education.

Our curriculum is based on the principles of Orton-Gillingham, a structured, sequential, multi-sensory and phonetic approach to teaching reading and spelling. Daily tutorials are individualized and build on the typically strong cognitive (thinking) skills of the dyslexic student. All Chandler teachers and tutors are Orton-Gillingham trained.

Our classes and activities employ a kinetic/hands-on approach to learning structured around the concept of Multiple Intelligences. This concept asserts that rather than one mode of intelligence, there are nine abilities or intelligences: Linguistic, Mathematical, Musical, Visual-Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Logical, Naturalist, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. Each of our classes and activities emphasizes specific Multiple Intelligences and exposes students to a variety of ways to learn, explore, and develop their unique talents.

We stress internal and external organization (executive function skills); utilizing organizational tools such as notebook systems and structured time in all classes to assist in student learning. At the Chandler School, organization is the key to student success.

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