STEM Program

ACE. That’s what we call it. ACE stands for Automotive Culture and Engineering and before you say to yourself “that doesn’t sound like a STEM program” think about all that goes into designing, engineering, and testing an automobile.  Our ACE program takes full advantage of the natural love of automobiles to teach our kids real hands-on principles of Math, Science, Technology and even History as they delve into the when, why, and how of culturally influential automobiles and their place in history. Our ACE program is designed to give our students a head start in the kinetic, mechanical, and cultural lessons that the global automotive industry has created.

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Our ACE program is unique in that our kids receive some incredible real world automotive experience. They’ve restored cars, attended car races, met local automotive personalities and even crewed at a real car race. ACE program we focus o developing critical thinking and logical skills by building on the foundation of basic engine mechanics to complex motorsport tuning. By the end of this course, students should have a complete understanding of the workings of modern automobiles and the hands on experience that is highly desirable in this industry.

Team Pirate

Through Headmaster Dana Blackhurst, Chandler School’s ACE Program has competed at Road Atlanta in the Chump Car World Series where the Chandler Pirates Racing Team finished an astounding 35th out of 125 teams and 4th in our class.


The crew

Our STEM Program in action at Road Atlanta


up the hill

The Chandler School’s Miata navigates Road Atlanta 

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ACE is a revolutionary STEM program unique to The Chandler School where students receive the opportunity to complete hands on engineering and automotive projects, including remodeling and restoring cars.

Our ACE Program is also fortunate enough to own one of only 270 Scarab Engineering Scarab Z Cars. The Scarab is currently being restored at it was the hit at a recent Z Car Show in Hendersonville, NC.

STEM Program Greenville SC

The Scarab arrives in Fontana, NC for Z Days Car Festival.



Chris White is the head of our ACE Program.

Chris White heads our ACE Program. Chris is a true automotive enthusiast. He was Captain of his High School Robotics Team and in his spare time, he races a Miata in the SCCA.

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