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Spring Time Travels

Our kids took the final week of April to explore a new town and a familiar one. Dana took the older kids to Memphis, TN, and Jessica and Evin took the younger kids to Folly Beach.

Memphis is an amazing town. It’s a little humid (it is on the Mississippi River) but it’s chock full of history, drama, great food, and amazing architecture. Dana took the kids to the Civil Rights Museum, the Natural History museum and they sampled some great BBQ, heard some live music (you can do that on a walk through downtown) and marveled at the sight of the Mississippi River and all its commercial traffic. Our first day we found a very long line at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken restaurant. People were even standing out in the street waiting in line! The restaurant wouldn’t take a reservation, so we decided to go walking in Memphis (as the song says) and made our way to Pearl’s Famous Oyster House on Main Street.



Memphis, TN. Dana was the only one that wanted to go to Graceland.

Pink Palace

At the Pink Palace Museum.



Our kids at the Pink Palace Museum


Today was a glimpse in to the life of Martin Luther King Jr courtesy the Civil Rights Museum, where the students had a wonderful time and enjoyed the exhibits. One exhibit in particular showed Walter Cronkite on TV, and Brooke couldn’t believe that in 1958 you had to get up and change the channels on the TV. I was very impressed with our students as we were not the only school group at the museum today, but our students were definitely the most well behaved. The students asked great questions and really pieced together information. Maybe now they will understand what he stood for and why we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day.



And smile!



Dinosaurs once roamed this part of the United States.

Jessica and Evin took the younger crew to Charleston, SC and they had a blast.  We stayed on Folly Beach and spent plenty of time in the salt water. While in Charleston we took a cruise through the harbor, and we saw jellyfish, dolphins, rays, crabs and all sort of fish. We docked at Fort Sumter and we had a short history lesson on the fort. We wenst ashore on Sullivan’s Island where we searched for shark’s teeth and shells.


Dana paid a surprise visit to to us in Charleston. He heard we were going to take a Pirate Tour and he couldn’t resist.

Later in the week we toured the Aquarium in Charleston and that place is so cool. We got to touch sting rays and sharks with our bare hands. We saw all sorts of amazing fish, frogs, snakes, and a stunning array of plant life. The Aquarium is very cool.


The boys goofing off on a Civil War era mortar. This is at the Battery in Charleston.

On Thursday we drove to Fort Moultrie  and toured the old fort then we drove to Sullivan’s Island and saw all the gorgeous homes on the beach. We even saw some homes that had been bunkers when the Army owned the island. One of these bunkers was a ten thousand square foot home and was for sale for three million dollars.

2016-04-27 12.57.32 HDR

At the Charleston Aquarium


That’s a HUGE screen!


How about this for a bite?


2016-04-27 13.32.51-1

Ecotour Passenger check in


2016-04-27 12.59.42

The kids got to touch rays, horseshoe crabs, and some sharks


Off to the Beach!



Lunch at the cannons

A huge thank you to the Paradis family for offering their wonderful beach house. It was a perfect layout for the occasion. Boys on one side of the house and girls on the other. Also the house was the perfect distance to the beach, and had beautiful ocean view from the rocking chair front porch.


“This looks like a safe place to have lunch.”


And if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional public school for your ADHD~challenged child, please stop in or give us a call.

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