Faculty Fellow

Faculty Fellow

Beth Moore

“We need to recognize that a dyslexic student has a brain that is organized differently but that has great strengths, interests, and abilities. Matching the language instruction to the child is always the teacher’s challenge. Yet, a good teacher will figure out how to do this and make it fun. Laughter belongs in every classroom.” – Beth Moore

The Chandler School is proud to include Beth Moore as staff Faculty Fellow.

A specialist in the Orton Gillingham approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling, Beth taught in the Baltimore County school system and at a private school for dyslexic students and tutored children privately for many years. Now a Fellow in the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, she continues to teach courses, speak at conferences, and train teachers nationally and internationally.

Beth naturally gravitated to the idea of multi-sensory teaching in all areas of the curriculum – having students experience learning through drama, song, movement, recitation, and hands-on activities. She understands the importance of a relaxed academic climate where creativity, spontaneity and superb education allow students to achieve success.

Beth has an undergraduate degree in elementary education from Towson University and a Masters Degree from Loyola University in special education. She credits her understanding of dyslexic children and how they learn from mentors like Helene Durbrow, David Malin, Alice Koontz, Margaret Rawson, and Roger Saunders.