The new Early Explorers program starts January 13, 2020. This program, for 4 year olds, is all about exploring the world around us through the eyes of a young child.

1/11/2020 Chandler girls attended the “In Her Shoes” program and Furman Ladies basketball game at at Bon Secours Arena. “In Her Shoes” inspires young women to be future leaders through the stories of local women who are leaders in male-dominated careers.

1/9/2020 Nasty jellybean ADJECTIVES! Students learned about adjectives by tasting and describing silly-tasting jelly beans.

1/8/2020 Rivalries are all in good fun, here at Chandler!

1/8/2020 Making 1,000 out of 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s.

1/8/2020 This group is learning about long chain polymers and chemical reactions. The boys were fascinated when they added the reactants to produce the product!

12/22/2019 We are so honored and pleased to welcome Nikki Reid to The Chandler School! She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of speech, language, and executive function skills.

12/21/2019 Our students were thrilled to see the newest Star Wars movie before everyone else except the people in Hollywood!It was the perfect celebration for all of the hard work they did during the first months of school.

12/05/2019 E Group went to Corona’s to learn about the origin of the foods that they ordered and take a test about Native Americans. Sensory learning at its best!

11/19/2019 The ACE team will head to Texas tomorrow to race at COTA, The Circuit of the Americas.

The Chandler School Alumni Night was a reunion of Dana’s former students. They shared their stories of how Dana’s philosophy of teaching and learning prepared them for the next steps in their lives.

11/6/2019 Dana receiving the inaugural South Carolina Independent School Association Betty B. Disher Educational Innovation Award.

11/7/2019 The ACE, (Automotive Culture and Engineering) group will go to Roebling Race track this weekend, and then a BIG trip to COTA, ( The Circuit of The Americas) in Austin Texas on November 17, 2019!

11/1/2019 The G Group had a beautiful day at Denver Downs!

10/30/2019 Learning about landscapes and continents is always better when it involves dough and paint!

10/11/2019 On Court Day students turn the tables and hold the teachers accountable for mistakes in writing from grammar to spelling, indenting to punctuation. They earn extra recess minutes for every case they win. This is a school like no other!

10/8/2019 The Chandler School Pirates are ready for the Halloween season!

10/7/2019 The Chandler School bus got to take an extra lap around the Road Atlanta course during the race this weekend when Dana “missed the turn off!”

9/4/2019 Ratio Tables = smiling middle-schoolers.

9/7/2019 Sunrise Salutations on a beautiful Friday morning.

9/5/2019 The Orton Gillingham approach breaks the code of letters and sounds and unlocks the doors of reading and writing.

9/12/2019 The F group had the “best field trip ever” when they visited the fire department, rode on the fire truck, put on the fire clothes, shot the fire hose, etc etc. A BIG thank you to Firefighters everywhere.

8/28/2019 These students spent the day learning about lake and pond life, fish camouflage, how to cast a line, and how to carefully take care of our natural resources.

8/27/2019 The F and G groups started a tradition at The Chandler School: they took the first annual SECRET TRIP for the new year. Being Pirates, it is only fitting that this trip was to the best gem mine in the whole wide world, Elijah Mountain Gem Mine. They hunted and found treasures of all kinds….fossils, gems,and goats and chickens….

8/27/2019 The F and G groups started a tradition at The Chandler School: they took the first annual SECRET TRIP for the new year. Being Pirates, it is only fitting that this trip was to the best gem mine in the whole wide world, Elijah Mountain Gem Mine. They hunted and found treasures of all kinds….fossils, gems,and goats and chickens….

8/19/2019 The first day of school was full of smiling faces, schedule races, and happy reunions.

8/24/2019 TABLE ROCK PIC #1
C,D, and E groups started their 4-Day trip to Table Rock State Park. The students will stay in cabins, take hikes, learn to fish and fly-fish, and create strong ties of teamwork and friendship.

8/22/2019 The whole school walked to The Pickwick for a surprise icecream party! Delicious way to start a new year.

Painting the Magic School Bus, and tidying up for the new year!

7/6/2019 Noah Smith, (2018 Graduate,) chose to build a life size chess board on Chandler campus as his Eagle Scout project. We are so thankful! Chess is a great way to learn to think strategically, plan ahead, problem-solve creatively, and interact with others in a respectful way.

Summer time, and the living is easy…. Several ACE pirates, present and past, are in Bluffton for a car race.

Topher Mason won our Ambassador Award this year. He represents all of the qualities that Chandler Pirates stand for: grit, honesty, resilience, kindness, creativity, intelligence, personal responsibility, and fortitude. (with Evin Symmes- Math teacher)

6/5/2019 George Schmidtt won our Grit Award this year. He has shown a tenacity and resilience that will carry him far in all areas of life. Grit is a big deal at The Chandler School.

6/5/2019 Congratulations to our 2019 Graduates! Abbey Allenspach, Hudson Roberts, Isaac Dunleavy, Justin Ward, Daniel Griffin, and Ryan Kane

6/5/2019 These Pirates are all smiles and ready for a well deserved summer break!

5/6/2019 – 5/10/2019 Palmetto Bluff – The girls explore the South Carolina lo country on bikes and boats and investigate turtles.

4/11 What a great week learning about history and nature! The Chandler pirates are a lucky crew!

4/6/2019 Our annual Backyard Bash was a bunch of fun and a huge success!

4/6/2019 Star Wars Rival Run at Disney World
Our stellar mom/son team made us so proud for their 10K and half marathon runs. “HaGreat” Hagood came in 3rd overall, (out of 11,454 participants,) in the 10K!

4/3/2019 Jumping for joy in the One Room Schoolhouse!

4/3/2019 Kings of the mountain! It was a beautiful day to move mulch and get ready for the Backyard Bash.

4/3/2019 Students celebrated Sophie’s “Headmaster of the Day” by go-cart driving and lunch /ice cream at the Pickwick.

4/1/2019 Awards day for the Olympics!

3/29/19 Olympics teams.

3/29/19 Olympics teams.

3/29/2019 Olympics-opening ceremonies.

3/26/2019 Our debate team competed in the annual SCISA competition, bringing home a 4th place finish!

3/15/2019 Our annual Pi Day celebration was full of fun and learning.

3/15/2019 Our annual Pi Day celebration was full of fun and learning.

3/7/2019 After reading The Outsiders, These students enjoyed a trip to an old fashioned soda shop, much like the one in the book.

3/1/2019 The primary group celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

2/28/2019 Annie Salle received a letter from the President!

2/26/2019 The E group learned about simple machines from the ACE team.

2/21/2019 Thanks to the help of parents, grandparents, and students, our new hockey rink walls are almost ready for the 2019 season.

2/12/2019 The annual Staff vs. Students Basketball was hard fought to the end, but the staff captured a 26-13 victory.

2/8-2/9 Present and former ACE kids had a blast this weekend at Road Atlanta!

2/8/2019 There are no better fans than PIRATE fans! Our team went undefeated for the whole SWISH tournament. The entire school was there to cheer them on.

2/8/2019 The basketball team began the day visualizing becoming tournament champions, and ended the day hoisting a trophy taller than a few of our players!

2/7/2019. The Pirates came in full garb in honor of Spirit Week. We play in the SWISH basketball tournament, and we have been building school spirit every day.

Mitosis, perimeter, area, and technology. Lots of learning going on around here!

1/29/2019 Nathaniel Berck, Headmaster of the Day, took the students to the movie theater to see the original Star Wars, then to Sky Zone for the afternoon!

Nathaniel Berck was Headmaster of the Day. He took all the students to the Camelot Theater and Sky Zone!

Nathaniel Berck was Headmaster of the Day. He took all the students to the Camelot Theater and Sky Zone!

1/22/2019. The Pirates brought home two victories in their games against Sandhills- 20-4 and 19-6.

It was a photo-finish with a last second shot to win the game against Einstein Academy.

Students practiced repeated addition and multiplication using pattern blocks. Seeing math concepts in a variety of ways creates a more solid foundation for future, more complex operations.

Robotics students created simple machines, then had races with their creations.

Thumbs up for hands-on math!

Parachute play on a winter day.

Students enjoyed Education Day at Clemson University, then a women’s basketball game.

12/18 – Our students spent the day at the annual Clemson Women’s Basketball Education Day!

12/ 13 – Our basketball team went to Columbia for away games, then headed over to Williams Brice Stadium for a tour.

12/18 – Handwriting practice doesn’t have to be tedious. Ella is perfecting her cursive and loving every second.

11/17 – The pirates competed in their first Robotics Competition ever!

11/15 – As part of a cross-curricular unit on North America that includes Science, Literature, and Social Studies, students researched water and land forms to create 3-D topographical maps of states.

11/14 – Students enjoyed a snowy day in Washington DC. They spend some time meeting with Congresswoman Dina Titus, and touring the capitol.

11/13 – Students enjoyed visiting Camden Yards, (home of the Orioles,) the Babe Ruth Museum, and Sea World at Inner Harbor.

11/13 – Students visited the Steven F. Udzar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

10/31 – Pirates know how to celebrate Halloween. This may be the best place on Earth to enjoy the fun of that day!

10/31 – Pirates know how to celebrate Halloween. This may be the best place on Earth to enjoy the fun of that day!

10/31 – Pirates know how to celebrate Halloween. This may be the best place on Earth to enjoy the fun of that day!

10/31 – Pirates know how to celebrate Halloween. This may be the best place on Earth to enjoy the fun of that day!

10/27 and 10/28 – The ACE team enjoyed their time at Atlanta Motorsports Park being the pit crew and helping guide the drivers safely during races.

10/27 and 10/28 – The ACE team enjoyed their time at Atlanta Motorsports Park being the pit crew and helping guide the drivers safely during races.

10/26 – The students are learned all about therapy dogs. Nothing like a sweet dog to brighten up a day.

10/26 – Great day at Roebling Road Racetrack, near Savannah. The ACE students represented us well.

10/24 – Impromptu lunchtime musical performances are just par for the course for pirates

10/23 – It was great seeing our alumni and hearing about how things are going in high school! We are so proud of each of them.

10/17 – The older girls are enjoying their time on the May River; shrimping, fishing, and crabbing.

10/17 – The older girls are enjoying their time on the May River; shrimping, fishing, and crabbing.

10/16 – The intrepid pirates made their way to the Grand Canyon Skywalk today during their “Nevada Field Trip”!

10/16 – This Group took a tour of the Hoover Dam’s visitor center, observation deck, and then walked across the top of the dam.

10/16 – On the drive out to the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, we saw some of the Hualapai reservation. There was more history of the tribe outside of the Skywalk. The Skywalk rises 4770 ft., higher than the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

10/15 – A ride on the High Roller, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the USA, offered amazing views of Las Vegas and the surrounding landscape and mountains.

10/13 – The girl’s ACE team had a great day at Petite Le Mans car race at Road Atlanta.

9/25 – Boys vs Girls Media groups faced off in producing a newspaper this week. The results were enjoyed by all. Great writing, deep research, excellent visuals…. Both teams did an exemplary job.

9/25 – The Chandler School vs. Sandhills. – 4-2 VICTORY!

9/25 – The E group spent the week at Palmetto Bluffs- biking, fishing, crabbing, boating, swimming, and learning all about life in the low country of SC and Georgia.

9/25 – Boys vs Girls Media groups faced off in producing a newspaper this week. The results were enjoyed by all. Great writing, deep research, excellent visuals…. Both teams did an exemplary job.

09/27 – E group visited The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia- a place that preserves the stories, courage, character and patriotism of the men and women who served in the Air Force from World War II to present.

Chandler School Teacher is Finalist for Teacher of the Year

The Chandler School’s very own Dee Butler has been selected as a finalist for upstate Elementary Teacher of the Year for the South Carolina Independent School Association.

Dee is one of 3 finalists chosen from the entire state, including schools such as Porter-­‐ Gaud and Ashley Hall in Charleston, Hammond and Heathwood in Columbia, and St. Joseph’s and Camperdown in Greenville. The winner will be announced on April 26th.

We are so proud of Dee’s accomplishments.

8/2018. The first week of school was a happy time of reuniting with friends and getting back into the adventure of learning! .

8/2018. The Primary groups enjoyed a day at the Greenville Zoo.

8/18 These intrepid hikers reached the top of Table Rock and were rewarded with spectacular views.

8/18 Table Rock State Park- A through E groups spent a week hiking, fishing, and learning all about each other.

8/18. Table Rock State Park- A through E groups spent a week hiking, fishing, and learning all about each other.

8/18 We have a brand new bus! We are all looking forward to many new adventures.

8/12 The boardwalk has been transformed into a beautiful brick path.

8/9 View of inside of the new school bus.

8/9 Brand new pirate bus.

8/9 More schoolhouse progress.

8/9/ Progress on Schoolhouse.

7/25 – One Room Schoolhouse progress- One wall up. Then two walls up…. Each wall@is built and then raised- like an old fashioned barn raising.

7/23 – Last week four Chandler pirates were at Camp Old Indian boy Scout camp…. Bailey, Noah S., Noah C. ,and Topher!

7/16 – Ally Evans, a competitive rider, enjoys summer by practicing jumping with her pony Bumblebee. Go Ally!

6/07 –
Mr. Dana challenged the kids to sell raffle tickets. They met the challenge and exceeded it. The prize: Dana had to wear U of Michigan attire and get tortured with pies in the face.

6/06 –
Graduates of 2017-2018

6/06 –
Congratulations to Garrett Moody for winning the Grit award. He never stops trying and working. He is an inspiration to us all.

6/05 – The Swashbucklers have proven themselves to be the best hockey team for 2017-2018! the Chandler Cup is in their hands till next year.

5/25 –
Tritt Galloway looks on as Governor McMaster signs a bill to provide permanent funding for Exceptional SC program.

5/24 –
These lucky students went to the Governor’s Mansion where they met the Governor of South Carolina and were given a private tour of the house and pool house.

5/11 – The students earned a water slide by selling raffle tickets for the Backyard Bash. Their hard work paid off!

5/9 – Private scavenger hunt at the National WWII Museum.

5/8 – The kids have finally tired Mr. Dana out! The day was spent at the WWII museum, eating in a New Orleans cafe, playing a giant jenga, and looking around this cool city.

5/3 -Biking, swimming, dolphin sighting and ice-cream eating…. the girls’ trip to Bluffton has been quite the field trip!

4/29- Miss Evin and the E group made an original 3-Act-Math task for all the pirates to figure out.

4/26 – Students visited Baltimore and Washington, seeing all the sights and eating all the delicious food.

4/20 – The ACE class competed in a 14 hour endurance race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The girls’ car “Beauty,” once again beat the boys’ car, “Beast.” The girls gave a speech in front of 300 people, and their car came in 3rd in class!

4/7 – CJ McAnulty made the final 4 in his first PDRA competition. (Galot Motorsports Park)

4/19 – The Chandler School invited Graham Fletcher, a Math Specialist, to give a math workshop to teachers on conceptual understanding through problem-based lessons. Several schools in SC took part.

3/16 – Our Wilderness program allows our students to explore and learn from the beautiful nature all around us.

3/30 – Anna Bolton was sworn in as Co-Commissioner of the CHL- Chandler Hockey League- after a student-led revolution to provide checks and balances to Commissioner Dana Blackhurst.

3/21 – Grandparents and Special Friends Day for Groups A and B

3/14 – The school celebrated Pi-Day with activities involving the sequence of PI, a pie-eating contest, and a pi recitation contest among students.

3/24/2018 – Henry Horne is a National Champion in the NASTAR Bronze Level! He competed in Lake Tahoe, California at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

3/21 – Ally Evans won Headmaster of the Day in the 2017 Backyard Bash. She took all the students roller skating, then had an ice-cream truck come to school.

3/20 – Our Debate team represented us well in the SCISA state-wide Debate Tournament. Noah Smith tied for first place in the state!

March 24, 2018 Backyard Bash- Silent auction, live auction, hockey exhibition games, kids’ activities, great food and fun!

April 21st, 2018 – Here are some pictures of yesterday’s events. The orange car is Beast, which was a rare sight to see it on the track. The red and white car was Beauty, which finished 3rd in their class and 15th overall, they moved up 41 spots from the start, making it the most gains in the entire race.

We had a beautiful day in terms of the weather.

February 3rd – The ACE (Automotive Culture and Engineering) teams went to Road Atlanta to compete.The girls brought their car “Beauty,” and the boys brought theirs, “Beast.” This was the very first girls group to ever compete in a car race. They were phenomenal. Both teams gave it their all, exhibiting class and mechanical prowess in the pits.

February 2nd – SWISH Tournament 2018- Our basketball teams competed in the annual SWISH tournament. As always, the games were exciting, and the players showed tenacity, grit, and athleticism. We are so proud of every athlete and the fans on the sidelines.

February 1st – We had the first LOCK OFF. Two representatives were chosen from each homeroom to compete for the title of fastest combination lock opener.

February 1st – The girls channeled Rosie the Riveter as the prepared to send the first GIRLS ACE TEAM to Road Atlanta for their very first race.

January 5 – Good times with static electricity in Science class.

January 5th was a day of ice and fun. Temperatures dipped and an ice rink was created. Hockey, sledding, and skating brought huge smiles and lots of laughs.

January 25th & 26th, Beth Moore, a Fellow in the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators gave advanced training to our tutors, and hold a fireside chat with our primary parents.

On January 4, Tristan Jain became Head of School for the day. He took everyone bowling and out for ice cream.

The E group created amazing representations of the water cycle. They were given a few words that must be used, then were set free to create as they chose.

The ACE team went to race at Barber Motorsports Park on December 9-10. The visited the museum, and participated in the race. The ACE students did a phenomenal job as the pit crew.

Students collected all the errors they could find that staff made on worksheets. They proofread every sheet they got since the first day, in hopes of getting guilty verdicts. Each guilty verdict gave them a minute recess. Proofreading CAN be fun!

October 19, 2017

Dr. Laura came to visit us from her usual post as a chemistry professor at NC State.…

Ethan Lee competed in the Hincapie Gran Fondo . He was the first out of 23 juniors to cross the finish line. Out of 507 total bikers, he was 16th overall.

October 26, 2017

The F and G groups invited Grandparents and special friends to come see what they do…

October 25, 2017

After a science unit on rocks, minerals, and fossils, the E group went to Hendersonville, NC to see some for themselves. They went gem mining and came home with bags of treasure. They also visited with goats, chickens .

October 28, 29, 2017

Atlanta Motor Sports Park- The ACE team finished 14th overall (out of 65,) and third in their class. There were 21 champion drivers in the race today!

October 31, 2017

Halloween brought out many various characters at The Chandler School- kids, staff, and dogs all got in on the fun.

September 26: Town Hall Meeting.

September 26: Larry Watt, Director of the SC Independent Schools Association, dropped by for a surprise visit with the Message in a Bottle News Team. He had some golden words of wisdom.

Table Rock Trip: August 29-Sept.1

Camp Pirate 2017 was a huge success.

Mornings were spent honing academic skills, and afternoons were spent playing outside. The campers went on trips to the water park, lake, and mountains.

Graduation, June 6, 2017

Graduation ceremonies were held for James Daughtry, Brooke Moore, and Will Cobb. Each student chose a faculty member to speak for them. Ethan Lee was named Ambassador for the 2017-2018 school year. It was a celebration with laughter, tears, and much pride for these students.

All Stars, June 6, 2017

The All Star student team won a hard fought battle against The Chandler School staff. This was followed by a family picnic, and student camp-out.

Awards Ceremony, June 5, 2017

The Awards Ceremony celebrated the many accomplishments of The Chandler School students this year. Trophies, medals, and certificates were given for Chess, Debate, Hockey, and Basketball. The Student All Star Team was awarded the Hockey Trophy.

Folly Beach, May 1-4, 2017

Pirate Princesses are regal and noble and royal at The Chandler School. They share a homeroom and a beautiful friendship. This year the girls went to Folly Beach. They visited the Charleston Market, the Charleston Aquarium, and the pristine SC coast.

Savannah, May 1 – 4, 2017

A trip to Savannah brought opportunities for everything from kayaking to shooting cannons.

Savannah 2, May 8th – 12th, 2017

Many great things happened on this trip: fishing, kayaking, and bike riding. We toured Ft. Jackson where we learned about the Revolutionary War and Civil War and we witnessed the largest ship ever to pass through the Savannah Harbor—it was HUGE!

Memphis, May 15-19,2017

This trip was packed with entertainment: the Pink Palace Museum, planetarium and IMAX movie theater. Other stops included the Memphis zoo and aquarium and the Healthy Here medical van courtesy of our Chairman of the Board, Reece Hodges.

Backyard Bash, April 22, 2017

Parents, students, relatives, teachers, neighbors, and interested visitors gathered to celebrate Spring and The Chandler School. There were 2 music venues, endless choices of delicious food, and a silent auction. The kids’ favorite part was throwing water balloons at Dana Blackhurst, Head of School.

Cleanup, April 1, 2017,

Students, parents, sisters, brothers, and staff came together on a Saturday morning and gave hours of hard work to make The Chandler School even more spectacular. A great time was had by all, and by the end of the day, everything was bright and shiny.

Daytona, March 31 – April 2, 2017

ACE students were not only enthusiastic spectators, but actually worked as the pit crew for the Chandler School race cars. For safety reasons, our pit was located further away from the track than all the other racers. However, we still came in 10th in the class among 30+!

Gem Mining, March, 2017

After learning all about rocks and fossils, we went to NC to find some for ourselves.

WWII Museum, New Orleans, March 21- 23, 2017

A Group stepped back in time to join the army during a visit to the WW II Museum in New Orleans.

Road Atlanta, February 3-5, 2017

It was a very cold day. Luckily we had John Finger’s trailer to keep us warm. The race got cut short due to an engine blow out.

SWISH Basketball Tourney, February 9-10, 2017

The SWISH tournament was yet another opportunity for The Chandler School to celebrate the various talents of our Pirates. 8 teams of players competed for the title. In the end, The Chandler School held onto the championship for another year.

Barber, Birmingham, AL, 12/8-12/11 2016

Another Double 7’s, which means 7 hours of racing one day, and seven hours of racing the next. It was the Chumpianship (Chump Cars). We raced with the Blue Fox and the Miata. The race was extra special because the students had the privilege of meeting the owner, George W. Barber.

Atlanta Motor Sports Park, October 28-30, 2016

Ace students took the Miata to Atlanta Motor Sports Park. There were 2 days of 7 hour races.


Kids Are So Over-Scheduled That Doctors Are Being Told To Prescribe Play

For many parents, back-to-school season incites a mad scramble to organize kids’ activities…

Extended School Calendar for 2018-2019

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Do schools kill creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

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A TED Talk

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A TED Talk

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Kate manages AAUW’s work on state and local policy. She analyzes legislation, tracks developments and trends in state policy, prepares testimony, and drafts model legislative language. As a part of her advocacy work, she establishes relationships with key state policy makers and coalition partners and develops strategies to advance AAUW’s legislative priorities.

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The Fragile Generation

The Fragile Generation Document

Our brains are wired to forget, but there are research-backed strategies you can use to make your teaching stick.

A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens:

5 Simple Ways To Develop A Mathematical Growth Mindset

Math Growth Mindset

“This animation reflects just one of the ways people with Dyslexia see things differently.” Video by Josh Penn.


What is dyslexia? – Kelli Sandman-Hurley

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