Teacher Bios

Hartlee Blackhurst makes a mean taco and has personal experience with learning differences having grown up dyslexic. She teaches Social Studies in creative ways including hands-on projects that illustrate the point while keeping students engaged, learning, and happy about it.

When Hunter Patterson isn’t wrestling playfully with his little boy, he’s working alongside Dana, his former headmaster, inspiring kids to learn. As a dyslexic learner himself, he understands kids’ frustrations with learning differences and how critical each year is to their progress.

Dana Blackhurst loves to teach all subjects but feels he is most valuable teaching social studies and geography, subjects that ‘anchor’ kids in the world and lend themselves to multi-sensory learning. With extensive knowledge of historical events, Chandler kids show how bright they are even if they have a more difficult time reading and writing.

When not logging miles on the Swamp Rabbit Trail or re- watching Star Wars movies, Hagood Grantham spends his time reading books about running and keeping abreast of media trends. At Chandler you can find Hagood in the classroom or on the Four Square court.

Teaching, tutoring, handling admissions, Monica Cox is proud to be a charter pirate, joining Dana at the beginning of the journey! She loves to teach middle schoolers and prepare them for high school.

Gwen Daughtry has two dysgraphic sons so she knows as a parent and a teacher how wonderful the instruction is at The Chandler School. Students who struggle with language-based, attention issues and executive functioning difficulties are accepted for who they are and are challenged to become more than they ever thought they could be.

After working in other schools for more than 35 years, Gail James loves working at Chandler because it is a welcoming place for kids who struggle with reading and writing. Students work hard and realize they can succeed. “There’s no way to describe the look on children’s faces when they read a book by themselves for the first time.”

One student at Chandler who made immense progress inspired Betty Johnson to become a part of the school. She believes that students who might normally be overlooked or misunderstood benefit from Chandler’s small classes, individualized attention, and the OG approach to language.

When Eliza Gray visited Chandler, she realized she wanted to be part of its unique learning environment. She immediately saw that teachers collaborate together with the sole purpose of each student’s success. As a teacher, Eliza sets high expectations and loves to see her students accept the challenge to meet them.

When she’s not teaching, Gwen Bozeman leads the cavalry charge on her handsome horse Maverick. A veteran teacher of public and private schools, Gwen brings decades of experience as a speech pathologist to benefit Chandler students of all ages.

Yvonne Stephenson could be geocaching (treasure hunting) or just exploring, but her passion is inspiring kids to question, to reason, to dig deeper. She loves seeing kids change their “I can’t.” to “I can.”

Ashley Belcher started at The Chandler School as a parent. Then she made herself indispensable in the office. These days, Ashley can be found anywhere and everywhere, doing whatever needs to be done. She is an OG tutor, literary scholar, and jack-of-all-trades.

Previously a school counselor at Spartanburg Day School, Sissy Kimbrall brings a wealth of knowledge to The Chandler School. When she is not soaking up the wonders of nature, Sissy is a triathlete, homeroom teacher, and the mom of two pirate kids. She also runs direct assistance in the a]er-school program.

After many years in the public schools, Stacy Rothman thought her teaching career was over until her visit to The Chandler School. Here she saw what education was supposed to be and how all children should be taught! She is thrilled to be a part of such a positive learning experience for children of all ages and backgrounds.

Kristin Bissinger loves to travel, enjoys sporting events and new experiences! She considers The Chandler School an adventure in learning and looks forward to watching her students progress and grow confident in their abilities as young readers and writers. Surrounded by the best in O-G tutoring here at Chandler, Kristin is looking forward to a great year.

When she’s not teaching, Gwen Bozeman leads the cavalry charge on her handsome horse Maverick. A veteran teacher of public and private schools, Gwen brings decades of experience as a speech pathologist to benefit Chandler students of all ages.

As a first grade teacher at Christ Church Episcopal School for many years, Brenda Mullikan touched the lives of children all over Greenville. She brings warmth, experience and many talents to The Chandler School.

Sandy Garrett has been an integral part of The Chandler School from the very beginning. As the mother of Matt (our first graduate) Sandy knows the value of the school from a parent’s perspective. She brings years of experience from working in the primary program at Christ Church Episcopal School.

Evin Symmes may be teaching, tutoring, or earning Sidewall pizza with her husband, but she’s always the person who is one step ahead: organized, savvy, compassionate, and versatile. This multi-talented young woman wants all students to discover their inner math genius.

Michelle Challis enjoys teaching middle school math because it’s the math that most people use: measurement, mental math, percent, problem solving, logical thinking, and patterns. Trained in teaching gi]ed students, she is inspired by Dana’s experience and passion. At Chandler she loves that she can teach to what students need rather than state mandates.

Since 2012, Dolly has reveled in being a Pirate. She often tells her students, “I can’t learn it and I can’t buy it, but you were born with it – the incredible gifts that come with dyslexia. I envy you.” From teaching Art and Math to Science, to Media, teaching Dyslexic students has become a passion for her.

Sue Bergman brings corporate world and personal experience to teaching at Chandler. She deeply believes that every student can develop the academic skills they need to succeed. She brings a strong work ethic and a hands-on approach to the classroom, persisting until students achieve success.

Dee Butler brings decades of creative teaching experience, a love for young students, and a desire to further Dana’s vision for the primary program to The Chandler School. Her talent, flexibility and countless skills captivate students to love learning.

After 30 years of teaching, (music, First Lego League Robotics, primary education,) and decades of involvement in motorsports including divisional rally championships, and overall class wins in endurance racing, Lorri Payne is truly excited to become a member of The Chandler School faculty.

A former defensive tackle at Newberry, Arterio “Cheerio” Arnold is always looking out for everyone around him. He provides a helping hand and bright smile to everyone he meets. Cheerio’s mighty presence and nurturing nature during class or play are part of The Chandler School magic.

Sarah Cox is our resident force of nature. Her free spirited creativity inspires students to proudly express themselves. Using watercolors, crayons, and any material that presents itself, students learn to trust their creativity. Sarah’s world is a safe place in which to explore ideas, images, and a variety of artistic techniques.

Chris White is a car enthusiast with a penchant not only for how engines run, but how the brain learns. Chris utilizes the hands-on method for science, and he is a firm believer in helping students solve problems in an active classroom environment.

While she’s a teacher and OG tutor, multi-talented Beth Diksen also keeps the front office running smoothly. She provides academic coaching and tutoring for students of all ages, and in her spare time loves baking, running races, and spending time with her three kids.

With a background as a vice principal and a middle school teacher, Anne Fulmer brings intelligence, finesse, and good humor to the job daily by writing, organizing, coordinating and keeping Dana on track each week.

With patience and a gracious smile, Brooke Campbell juggles 52 things simultaneously while putting a bandaid on scrapes and coordinating a conference for 150 people! She’s the ultimate multi-tasker and go-to pro for Dana and the entire school.