The Chandler School’s curriculum is the belief that smart children with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, can become successful students when given the proper instruction within a positive environment. Our aim is to cultivate the full potential of our bright and capable students through a mastery of skills, giving them the proper foundation for life-long learning, and to emphasize individual strengths while remediating areas of improvement.

With a low student-faculty ratio, we are able to customize instruction particular to each student and their individual needs. Chandler’s curriculum is based on the principles of Orton-Gillingham, which provide students with a supportive, developmentally-appropriate platform from which they can reach their academic potential and prepare for their educational futures.

Curriculum Values

Chandler aims to make each student a confident, self-directed, and lifelong learner. With our low faculty-student ratio, we are able to execute an individually tailored curriculum focused on a multisensory (hands on) approach: see it, make it, do it.
We strive to build an environment where students feel safe to fail. “Failure” is not a negative. Failure in a safe environment promotes learning and growth. Education is a process. We want our students to enjoy the learning process, celebrating both failures and successes.
We stress internal and external organization (executive function skills); utilizing organizational tools such as notebook systems and homeroom classes to assist in student learning. At the Chandler School, organization is the key to student success.


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